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Monday, November 8, 2010

MSLS at one year old

(1) MS likes to knock her head whereas LS likes to shake her head

(2) They will say 'ng, ng' when they want to pass motion. Sometime LS will do that
also when she wants urination.

(3) When one of them wants mummy to hug, another one will crawl quickly to mummy,
ask mummy to hug also. And they will push each other, giving signal to mummy
that she can only hug one of them.

(4) when mummy wanted to read for them, they will grab for the same book

(5) LS will turn her face away when daddy scold her

(6) They like to go out with their stroller and see if there are any cats and dogs

(7) They have two teeth on the middle bottom, and LS has one teeth on top ( middle).
MS has two teeth on top ( middle )

(8) MS wil eat any food given to her, while LS only likes to eat oranges, fruits
which is soft, she does not like apple, she rather eats bread than apple in the

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