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Friday, October 18, 2013

Traveling with the girls...

It had been busy through out these few months as Mummy is back to work again! We promised the girls that we will be bringing them to Singapore in October, as we will be attending Wei Auntie's solemnization.

As Daddy need to go for a business trip and would not be able to back on the day we travel to Singpore, we have the pleasure to travel with popo, to help to look after the three girls during travelling.

On the first day we reached the hotel, we saw an old building besides our hotel, The next morning, we walked around the area, and we found that it is Singapore National Museum.

The girls wanted to visit the museum. Waiting for it to be opened at 10 am... We are too early!

We walked further to Fort Canning near the museum.
The girls wanted to take photo with these statues.
The girls walked along the path with history of Fort Canning on the side.
They are surprised to see an escalator on the hill. 


It's 10am in the morning. And they are ready to enter the museum!

National Museum was designed in Neo-Palladian and Renaissance style and consists of two rectangular parallel blocks, with a dome at the front of the building
The girls were ready to go in. Each of us were given a handheld multimedia device.

ES was so excited as she thought it is an ipad. As we do not encourage her to use ipad at home!

What we do is just press on the number shown and the multimedia device will provide full explanation on the artifacts.
After visiting the museum, the girls went back to the hotel, waiting for daddy to meet us after his meeting in US.

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