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Sunday, October 20, 2013

Exploring Singapore Zoo

The girls were excited as Daddy arrived in Singapore on the second day we were in Singapore. We decided to bring the girls to Singapore Zoo on the third day. Like the environment here. We did not feel too hot even on a sunny afternoon, as there are a lot of trees along the walking path.
We are ready.... to walk into the tiger trek!

MS trying to measure how big is the tiger's footprint.

Oh... this is how the tiger roar.

The white tiger
Look, we are here.
MS trying to figure out where she wanted to go after this.
The Asian Small-clawed otter.


We went for the "Elephants at Work and Play" show too. During the show, they demonstrates how elephants are used as beasts of burden in south-east Asian countries. The animal caretakers are referred to as mahouts, and the show simulates how a mahout would instruct an elephant to transport logs or kneel down so that they can be mounted.

 This is the fun part - merry go round!

 ES wanted to see what is in the igloo.
ES wanted to have a closer look at the polar bear, but it was hiding somewhere. Think she missed the polar bear in Oregon Zoo....

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