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Monday, June 15, 2009

First day to nursery

Ee shuen was holding a present given by her teacher on her 1st day to nursery

Ee Shuen finally go to nursery today...

Before she goes to school, we had prepared her that she will be in the school with teachers and friends. Daddy and Mummy have to go to work, just like cousin Hin Lerk. Daddy had repeated this many many times, in order for her to understand that we will not be around with her during school time.

Mummy took leave and Daddy sent Ee Shuen to school together at 8am this morning. When we reached the nursery, teacher came out and carried her down from the car seat. She just followed the teacher and waved to us when we left.

At 12pm, Daddy came back for lunch. Mummy & daddy went to fetch her. Daddy walked down from the car and wait for her to come out. When she saw daddy, she cried. Teacher said she didn't cry the whole morning. But when she saw Daddy, she cried. Mummy asked her why she cried when she saw daddy.
ES replied:" I'm sad when I saw Daddy. I'm thinking of daddy..."

When Ee Shuen back home, we asked her whether she still want to go to school tomorrow.She replied," Yes!"


Bart said...

Congratulations on ES's first day at nursery.

baby girl diary said...

Thank, she is waiting to go to nursery every morning