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Friday, June 27, 2008

Trip to KL - Day 2 & 3...... Part 4

This photo was taken at the coffee house during breakfast on the second day. Why Ee Shuen and Daddy have the same expression?

After breakfast, we went to Zoo Negara.

We saw a lot of animals such as deer, tiger, hippo, lion, elephant, girraffe...

Ee Shuen was so tired after a day visit to Zoo, Ikea...

Ee Shuen's favourite during her stay in hotel was the LRT. From the hotel room, Ee Shuen managed to see train passed by as there is a LRT station just down the road.
Everytime when LRT passed by, EE Sheun will climb up to the sofa, and watching LRT driving towards the station.

Finally, on Day 3, before leaving the hotel, we had our family photo again!

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