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Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Sleepless night

Ee Shuen didn't sleep well last night. When Mummy put her to sleep, she can't sleep and started crying none stop. We check her body temperature, not having fever, checked whether she sprained her hands or legs, nothing! But she was still crying continuously. Then, Mummy had to carry her and move around, ee shuen was just pointing everywhere indicating that she want to go everywhere, one confused crying baby...... Finally, after about more than half and hour, she fell asleep.
However at about 2am, she started to cry again. None stop crying! even gave her her fovourite - her pillow, she was still crying. Everyone woke up from her crying, ah kong and ah ma, all with very concerned look. In the end we thought we should take her to see dotor to check out what is wrong.
Dr suspected she had stomachache, as she was not showing any other symtoms. When she was back home, she started to cry again. So daddy tried to switch on her favourite cartoon - Barney, and guess what she came down from the sofa and start dancing!
After watching for 2-3 minutes, we switched off the TV and brought her back to sleep.
Finally, she slept till 8am, and as a result Daddy and Mummy also didn't went to work, just want to confirm she is alright.

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