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Monday, June 9, 2008

Trip to KL, THE FOOD....part 2

One of the interesting part of the trip was food.

1. on the way, we stop at Bidor for the famous duck drumstip mee sua, wan ton mee and little chicken biskuit (kai chai peng)

2. The first night, after arrived we decided to visit the Suria KLCC, we will tell the horror story of trying to ride the LRT with your baby and stroller in another post. With our hungry stomach we decided to eat in one of the korean restaurant, which of course burn a big hole in our pocket.

3. at KL of course we also visited McDonalds and Ee Shuen has her 3 course meals of corn flakes, bread and grapes.

4. We have heard so much about Tony Roma's ribs, seafood and steak that we decided to pay it a visit for dinner, much to our dissapointment. We ordered the NY steak and sesame salmon, which is just so so. The steak had a very peculiar shape, look more like a sausage. Another thing to point out, although Tony Roma's says they have seafood, the only seafood we say on the menu was salmon, fish and chips, and shrimps. If this can classified as a seafood restaurant, then I guess all the kin che phui in the coffee shop can now rename their stall to seafood kin che phui.

5. And on the third day on the way back we stop by Kampar famour curry chicken wrapped in bread. It was quite huge and of course cost us rm25. Intresting enough it is quite different from the other pirated one which have the curry chicken wrapped in aluminium foil, but this one is wrapped in paper, which be easily peeled off.

6. And finally, when we back from KL to Ipoh, it was dumpling festival. Popo had cooked some homemade dumpling. Yummy!

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