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Thursday, June 18, 2009

Chronicles of the nursery

her many gift from school along the week.
Monday - She happily got into the car, we drove her to the nursery, the teacher took her of from her car seat, and led her into the school. She happily wave goodbye to us, to our surprise. We were very much tempted to go and see how she is doing at her school but did not. Ah Kong took Ah Man and Hin Yuan on the motorbike to go to the nursery, could not see her. At 11.30 am daddy came back from work to go and pick her up with mummy, we arrived at the nursery at about 11.50am, the crowd of parents were already building up. Daddy got down from the car, she spotted daddy from inside the building and started crying loudly. Daddy went in, pick her up, calm her down and off we go home.

Tuesday - Again, she happily declare that she wants to go to school. She got into the car and mummy drive her there. When we reached there, she started to say she doesn't want to go to school. Mummy had to go down from the car, took her off from the car seat and pass her to the teacher, while she was crying loudly, declaring to the world that she doesn't want to go to school anymore. Teacher led her in, while mummy drove off. Daddy came back at 11.30am again to pick her up after hearing from mummy that she was crying loundly when mummy left her. Daddy, ah ma and hin yuan when to pick her up. When she comes out from the building, she left out a loud noise, like someone trying to cry but could not cry out. it was so funny.

Wednesday - This time she did not want to get into the car anymore. Mummy and ah ma have to tell her that she needs to go to school becoz she is big girl already. Ah Ma and hin yuan accompany mummy to drop her off. When they arrive, again, she declare does not want to go. When mummy unbelt her car seat, she ran to ah ma's side of the car. Luckily this time the nursery headmistress was around. the headmistress came, told her that she can go to her office and choose a present. Wiht her teary eyes, she followed the head mistress into the building. Later after school, ah ma walk to her nursery to pick her up. Later in the night, when ah ma put her to sleep, she was making some noise, breathing loudly, ah ma was concerned, turn on the light, and to her surprise, she was crying. She told ah ma she doesn't want to go to school anymore. Again Ah ma told her that she is already a big girl, and have to go to school and when hin yuan grows up, he too have to go to school. She agrees and with the tears in the eyes went back to sleep.

Thursday - she has finally agree to go to school herself. Mummy got into the car and she come out shouting that she want to go along to school with mummy. Left her of the school without much fuss.

Friday - She did not make any fuss about going to school. Happily got into the car. Daddy did not go to work today. When we arrived, the teacher came out, her face changed. We can see that she tried very hard to control her tears. however she did not cried, we were very proud of her. After school, daddy and ah ma went to pick her up. Heard some birthday song being sang. she came out with the party hat.

There we have it, Ee Shuen's first week at school. We are extremely proud of her that it went so well and she was able to adapt that quickly.

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