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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Electric Breat Pump

Mummy's was feeling painful on the left hand when expressing milk during last 2 weeks. It went off gradually after few days.

During that time, Daddy suggested why not consider for an electric breast pump. Mummy was hesitate about it as we already have the manual breast pump. Daddy had purchased online and asked his colleague to take back from US as it is more cost effective then.

Just started to use it this morning. Wow, it makes life much more easier!!!

I can update on baby girls' blog while expressing. It is designed with an electronic memory that puts you in control by learning and continuing your personal pumping style. The electronic memory learns and at the touch of a button, continues your personal pumping rhythm. The gentle-draw vacuum mimics baby's suckling to create a steady milk flow that requires less pumping. Patented massage cushions flex in and out, replicating baby's suckling action and stimulating a fast, natural let-down. In addition to mains power, this single electronic pump can also operate using battery power and as a manual pump, for total flexibility.

The most important thing is, it also come with the appropriate pressure while expressing and you wouldn't feel uncomfortable. As experienced before in hospital, you will feel painful with some breast pump. Because of the pressure...

Thanks daddy for the wonderful gift!

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