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Sunday, November 29, 2009

May Shuen and Li Shuen at 1 month old

(1) They both drink 3-4 oz per feeding. Their feeding time is every 2-3 hours. So per day, Mummy have to produce about 40 over oz of breast milk!! challenging, but trying very hard to achieve that. Sometimes, when one of them can't wait, have to give formula. Averagely, one of them will have to take formula once everyday, normally before their sleeping time.

(2) May Shuen will cry very fiercely when she feel hungry, can't wait; While Li Shuen still can wait for her milk if somebody cuddle her.

(3) Both sleep at about 10-11pm and wake up at 7-8am in the morning. Of course, in between they wake up for their milk 2-3 hours interval

(4) MS is able to flip over while she sleeps on her tummy yesterday.

(5) They wanted to be cuddle, especially May Shuen. When we carry them, they will sleep, but when put them on the bed, they will open their eyes and wanted to be carry again.

(6) May Shuen is 3.9kg now wheareas Li Shuen is 3.65kg. ( FYI, our big sister, ES is 15kg now ).

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