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Saturday, November 7, 2009

Totally free from formula!

Do we look the same?? May Shuen on the top, and Li Shuen at the bottom of the photo

MS & LS are 12th days old. Glad to announced that both of them had been totally free from formula from yesterday 8.30am till now. So, the theory of Demand = Supply is right... Hopefully can continue that... Total volume of breastmilk pumped put from yesterday 8.30am till 6.30 am this morning is about 21 oz, not calculating in the amount of breastmilk which directly feed to LS ( most of the time direct feed to LS while bottle feed to MS. As I was not so good in bf both babies at the same time, challenging! )

Both of them slept after feeding. Didn't make much noise. Or maybe Mummy was too tired, didn't hear it. The confinement aunty helped to bottled feed them. I still wake up 2 hourly to expressed out the milk.

ES had a good day yesterday. She went out breakfast with Daddy on the Saturday morning. Taking one cup of Milo, 2 half boiled eggs and some breads at Old Town Coffee. In the evening, Daddy took her to her favourite place, Jusco to buy her a new pair of sport shoes and grocery. ES told mummy few days ago that she feels pain when she wear her current sport shoes. So, Daddy had promised her to get a new one this weekend.


Bart said...

Congrats on going formula free! Must be challenging trying to breastfeed twins (we read that a common position is to "rugby hold"). They both look alike :o). Take care.

shirley said...

Congrats Su Yin, ur girls are so cute, lots of hair and very nice complexion. I believe breast milk is the best gift a mom can give to her kid(s) .. keep up the good work!