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Saturday, October 30, 2010

We are one year old now!

MSLS are one year old now! Both Daddy & Mummy took leave to accompany them on their birthday on Thursday. At first, we plan to go jalan jalan. However, ES had fever since Wed evening, so we just stayed at home.

When MSLS woke up in the morning, they were amazed by the decoration done by Daddy the night before, especially all the balloons in the living room.

We had a simple breakfast - banana, macadamia nuts & blueberries yoghurt pancake.

What are the kids looking at?

Mummy had made a birthday cake for MSLS. As requested by Daddy, he wanted a peach cake. We had a cake cutting ceremony at night.

Our family photo!

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Bart said...

Happy Belated 1st Birthday!