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Saturday, April 30, 2011

We are 18 months old

They went for vaccination today, for their 18 months compulsory vaccination.
(1) they still wake up for twice during night time for milk

(2) they will drink apple juice and eat bread every morning.

(3) they are learning to go diapers-free during daytime. 'ng, ng...' is how they expressed out when they wanted
to wee wee or pass motion.

(4) take porridge for twice per day, morning and evening.

(5) LS knows more vocabulary, eg: ah ma, gong gong, po po, ma, papa, Jie Jie, bu yao, Yao ( want ), mam mam, cat, dog. Whereas MS will
tend to call everybody ah ma... MS knows how to say papa, po, cat, duck, yao.

(6) sometimes they will fight, till biting each other... Before that, LS is more fierce than MS, tried to bite MS when they fight, and MS is afraid
of her....
But now, MS is more fierce... She will bite LS and sometimes when mummy separate them when they start fighting,
MS try to bite LS and without realizing, she bites mummy!

(7) they likes to play Choo Choo train...following mummy from behind, and pretend to be the train

(8) they like to play mask masak, especially cutting the vegetables.

(9) they like to go for a walk on their stroller

(10) they still need their pillow when they are sleeping.

(11) they sleep early, about 7 something to 8pm, and wake up early also! Sometimes as early as 5 something in the morning!

(12) they will scream loudly wen they saw cat, dog, and even fountain or waterfall!

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