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Monday, May 9, 2011

Ah ma's birthday cum mothers' day

Ah ma's brithday's falls on mothers' day this year...
Our birthday girl, Ah ma had cooked a few dishes including loh bak, daddy prepared roasted chicken, pizza prepared by mummy and gugu had made a tofu cheesecake for the big day.

Tofu cheesecake prepared by SIL.

ES & HL enjoying their cheesecake...

MSLS too...

And also HY.... feed by Auntie Su Yan

The cake was finished by the end of the party.... Saw this recipe from happy home baking but didn't really have time to really go through the recipe. SIL commented this is an easy making cake and after tasted it, recommend that this to be add in the must try list.

After the party was over, MSLS went to their room, preparing to sleep.
Mummy: is the cake good?
MSLS: nod their head and keep their finger up ( means good )

Mummy: are you all happy?
MSLS: nod their head again, swing their body to the left and right. ( they still thinking of happy birthday song)

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