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Thursday, October 13, 2011

Kite Festival

Last Saturday, we went to Kite Festival at Lincoln City. It took us about 2 hours to reach there. Lincoln City Fall Kite Festival is held on the beach, in the center of Lincoln City, at the D-River Wayside.

September 29, 1979 was the date of the very first Fall Kite Festival in Lincoln City. Many of the original organizers still participate in stunning aerial displays and exquisite kite ballets. Several featured fliers say their passion for kite flying started in Lincoln City.

This year’s theme is “Rockin’ the Rokkaku!” The festival included kite flying demonstrations by experts, including Connor Doran, a finalist in 2010 on the top-rated NBC series, America’s Got Talent! Connor auditioned along with 90,000 people and brought indoor kite flying to the world.

The weekend includes featured flyers, family-friendly activities like kite-making, a kid’s kite parade, a Rokkaku (six-sided kite) aerial battle with past national champion.

22 kites flying at the same time and "dancing" along with the music

The kids enjoyed playing sandcastles more than the kites.

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