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Monday, March 12, 2012

Expressing their ideas through drawing

One of the activities MSLS loves to spend time on is "drawing". Everytime when they feel like wanted to draw something, I will give them a few crayola pen. Love this color pens as it is washable, it is more manageble, not to worried that they will accidentally drawn on the tables, chairs...
They will draw some lines, round shape...

Mom: What are you drawing today?
LS: Monster ( oppssss... )
MS: Daddy.

 MS in action.

Sharing. Sometimes the twins will fight. So, we have to always remind them to share with each other. This works most of the time!

MS asked me to snap a photo on her drawing.

 At the meantime, our natural yeast is ready for our baking for today. Seems like it is quite active recently as I am more punctual in term of feeding time and using it more frequently.

Natural yeast raisin bread, after 6 hours of waiting.

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