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Friday, March 23, 2012

Snowing in Spring?

First day of Spring falls on 20th March. However, It was still snowing on Wednesday night ( 21st March ) and the snow accumulated till Thursday morning.

In front of our house.

The garbage truck came once a week. Snow covering the garbage bins as we usually put in front of our house the night before.

From the side window.

At our backyard.

The girls usually wake up quite early.
" It's snowing again." they said.
We went out to the backyard and had some fun.

Grabbing snow from the tree. 

 The girls footsteps

What are they looking at?
" Snow covering our grass." ES said.

ES said she is making a tunnel.

We build a small snowman. 

We brought the snowman into our house. MSLS were so excited, and they wanted to " destroy" it.

ES was rushing to school in the morning. I " reserved" a small snowman for her, to give her a surprise when she is back from school. She was so excited when she saw the snowman and started to decorate her snowman.

However, she was sad that the snowman is melting after awhile as the weather is not that cold in the evening,

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