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Friday, June 1, 2012

Biking during Memorial Day

28th May, last Monday was a holiday in US. It is Memorial day. We decided to go to Portland for another biking trip with the girls. When we reached there, coincidently there was a parade inconjuction with Rose Festival. Superbikes joining the parade!


We started from Tom McCall Waterfront Park. Passed through the steel bridge...
It was a cloudy day and along the biking path, It have an unobstructed view of Portland skyline.
We saw different types of bicycles.

A submarine.
After cycled for almost 1 hour plus, we decided to try our luck if we are able to get Voodoo Donuts this round. We cycled towards Portland downtown.
As usual, long queue... We decided to wait this time. Let's try what is so good about this donut, as it came out in Man Vs Food before.

Daddy bought a few varieties after a long queue, including bacon maple bar, first time seeing donut with bacon.
The donuts were really yummy.
There are some benches outside the shop and we enjoyed our treats there.


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