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Friday, June 29, 2012

Father's Day

MSLS brought back these father's day cards from school last two weeks, with a big " DAD"  as the front cover.  
Inside the card, there is a write up on " Hero Dad", type out by their teacher, and they paste it on the card. The biggest contribution by them in this card, think will be the hand stamps that they made, haha!

ES made a photo frame for daddy at home ( the one on the left ), 2 in 1 photo frame as this is for daddy's birthday and father's day. She also brought back a photo frame from school, with what she best described daddy:

I made some S'more cupcake during father's day, and ES decorated it with a flower, with the writing " HAPPY Father's Day " on it.

Happy father's day to our amazing dad! And our two amazing grandpa!!

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