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Thursday, June 14, 2012

ES's Kindergarten Graduation

We were invited to ES's kindergarten Graduation today. Time flies, she is graduating... even though it is kindergarten!
Class of 2012...

 Waiting for the ceremony to be started, outside her classroom.

Everybody was holding an alphabet, and make it to a word - KINDERGARTEN. ES was holding a " R ". According to ES, R is for remember what you have learnt in kindergaten.

They presented a few songs, included " Los Colores", " Dingle. Dangle Scarecrow" and " The Mountains".

She was given an occupational certificate - Future Vet Award. According to her teacher, she wanted to be a vet. That is why she was given this award.

 Enjoying their cookies after the ceremony

 All the children were enjoying the show by Mr Clown while having dinner.

 ES wanted a rainbow for face painting.

 Finally, taking photos with all her BFFs.

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HomeBaking4Love said...

Congratulations, ES!! Happy Graduation. :)