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Thursday, June 7, 2012

Happy Birthday, My Amazing Dad!

Happy birthday, my amazing dad! ES wrote this on the front page of the birthday card that she made for Daddy. She also made a photo frame as daddy's birthday present.

ES brought back this from school.
Today is my dad's birthday. We are going to eat ice cream. He is going to be surprised.

I made an orange yogurt cake with strawberry mascarporne filling, and swiss meringue buttercream frosting. ES suggested to put some purple flowers and heart shape around the cake. So we made some fondant button flowers and purple/yellow hearts.  

We told the girls that we will be having a birthday party for daddy after ES back from gymnastics. They were so excited. We cooked some simple dishes for the party - roasted chicken, garlic udon, and salad ( romaine lettuce, marcadamia nuts, dried cranberries, caramized onion ).

After dinner, ES requested daddy to open the present that she gave him in the morning.

Wow, it is a photo frame made by ES!

The girls were waiting for this moment! Immediately after we had finished singing the  birthday song, the girls blew the candles...

After cake cutting ceremony, we had blueberry frozen yogurt in a cone. ES spotted the cones during our grocery shopping a day before the party, and she wanted to have ice cream in the birthday menu, Instead  of ice cream, we made this frozen yogurt in the morning and put in the fridge for at least 8 hours.

Happy birthday daddy!


HomeBaking4Love said...

Nice cake, believe it tasted delicious too! Happy belated birthday to the man at home. ;)

baby girl diary said...

TQ...haha... the flowers look familiar rite...