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Saturday, December 15, 2012

A great combination - Park and Dim Sum

We went to D R Seenivasgam Park on Saturday morning. Gong gong and popo used to brought us there when we were kids. This is the pond were they used to rear fishes. However, we did not able to spot any fishes during our visit, only managed to see a few small turtles.
This is the favourite spot where the girls spent their morning - A big playground. They told me this is their ship.


After playtime, Sanyibrought us  to Foh San for Dim Sum. The girls wanted their favourite char siew pau.

They like the fish ball too.

Chau kueh

MS enjoying her pau with ah yi
LS was busy with her porridge.

And ES, like mummy..... love Dim Sum so much.

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