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Monday, December 3, 2012

It's time to put up our christmas tree

LS trying to put up the christmas tree
When we went out for dinner yesterday, was having a conversation with ah ma and she reminded me that we have a christmas tree in our storeroom. I had almost forgotten about it.
After breakfast this morning, took out the christmas tree and I asked the girls to help to put up this year's christmas tree. Usually, this will be incharge by daddy. However, daddy is in the US for work at the moment. So, we decided to assemble it by ourselves and everybody was having a great and fun time. We have a tall Christmas tree this year, more than 6 feet high, taller than the one that we have last year. However, we missed the smell of a real and fresh christmas tree this year...

MS wanted to help up too.

MS: tata..... I got a star and a reindeer. ( she told me every christmas tree should have a star on top. When she passed by a christmas tree at a shopping centre lately, she saw a christmas tree that is without a star on top of the tree, and she told me that it is not nice , haha )

LS: I got a santa claus and a sock too... ( she tried to wear the sock and she commented it was too small for her. This should be for babies, haha )

HL who was with us this morning trying to put up the christmas tree too....

Half way through, MSLS sat in the box which we used to keep the christmas tree, having fun there!

LS putting some ornaments on the christmas tree.
When ES came back from school, she took a photo in front of the christmas tree, together with the aeroplane she made today ( from science camp ).

Here we are, with our christmas tree this year...

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