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Thursday, December 27, 2012

LC the caterpillar

Ah ma discovered a caterpillar in one of her plants during ES's school holiday. ES wanted to provide a home for the caterpillar. We put it in a box. She also put a small box in it - she said it is for LC to rest in there. And the girls also put some grasses for LC, for it's breakfast and lunch. However, LC does not like it. It still prefer the leaves from the " flower of wealth".
LC on the first day...
ES put a musical toy for LC.
LC is quite a big eater... It ate 5 pieces of leaves on the first day. It grows very fast. 
She made a christmas tree for LC too.
It crawled out from the box on the first night. And we found LC at the front door. It happened again on the second night.So,  Ah gong decided to let it back to it's home.
When ES woke up in the morning, she found out LC was not around. She was so sad. TO comfort her, we told her that LC had turned to a beautiful butterfly.


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