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Saturday, December 15, 2012

Back to Ipoh

Daddy was away for business trip for two weeks, from the 1st of December to the middle of December. We drove back to Ipoh with gong gong and popo. They had their karaoke session again. They learnt some new songs including " Jesus loves me that I know ". 

We had a chance to visit the new AEON at Station 18 during our stay. The shopping mall was filled with Christmas decoration, we can really feel the Christmas atmosphere.

LS, ES & MS.

Popo  with the girls.

They saw a " truck" in the grocery section. They were very excited and sat on it to snap a photo. Behind the truck is the place where they sell all the candies, mashmallows...

The girls happily wearing Christmas hat presented by popo.

Before we leave, we saw a community library in the shopping mall by 1 Malaysia. First time seeing a public library in a mall.

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