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Sunday, September 28, 2008

Another weekend pass... celebrating great grandpa's birthday

It was a fun and relaxing weekend. Started off with celebrating ee shuens great grandpa, ah ma's dad's, birthday. All the grand aunties, grand uncles, little aunty, little uncle and cousins were there. We refer to my mom's youngest sister, son and daughter (5 and 7) as ee shuen's little uncle and little aunty :). The boy is very proud to be called little uncle, but little aunty prefered to be just refered to as che che.

you can noticed while all eyes are on great grandpa and grandma's cake cutting, ee shuen were bz admiring her little uncle and little aunty. She must be thinking, when will I be as tall as them :)

And then on a sunday afternoon we took ee shuen down to the apartment's pool for her swimming lesson. Of course this time ee shuen decided to bring her 'pom pom' duck along, and with new swim suit by Popo ( present for Ee Shuen during Popo's Singapore trip ).

Let do my warm up by running around the pool.

The moment at the pool was when ee shuen was walking in the baby pool, and slip going head down into the pool. Mummy had to do the baywatch, of course without the red bikini, to rescue her. She took a couple mouthful of pool water... however to our surprise she did not cry or wail.... but just continue playing like the incident never happen. We wonder if we had not rescued her, maybe she would have learnt how to float and swim :)

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YuNiq said...

Aiyo, so dangerous one... Have to be careful. Anything can happen with just a blink of the eye...