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Sunday, September 14, 2008

Candle Light Vigil at Dewan Sri Pinang!!

Today, Mid Autumm Festival, is supposed to be a day celebrated with family, eating mooncake, drinking chinese tea with the children running around holding their tanglung.

However we did not do any of those, instead we had short visit to a neighbouring house, who were doing a house warming, and drove to Dewan Sri Pinang to lend a moral support to the candle light vigil for the release of the ISA detainee.
Don't think Ee Shuen understand what is going on around her, she was more interested in the candle mummy was holding. However we appreciated that she was in her best behavior, sticking close to us and holding to our leg when we put her down.

The crowd in front of the main entrance of Dewan Sri Pinang.

The banner 'Mansuhkan ISA'

And one final pose in front of the camera before the event end.

oh yeah... Miss Tan Hoon Cheng from sin chew was there. Glad that we finally saw her in real person. Keep up the good reporting!! We appreciate it!!

Overall the event was peaceful, we saw police personel walking around, again we do not think ee shuen know what is happening, but we were glad to expose her to the peaceful demonstration. There were singing, speeches (P. Ramasamy, Chow Kon Yew, Aliran), met some familiar faces from church, work, friends and bloggers. Like 5xMom said, Yeah its a fun event, even for a family :)

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