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Monday, September 1, 2008

Merdeka Day

What does Ee Shuen did during Merdeka Day this year?
First thing in the morning, after her breakfast, she followed Gong gong to playground. Playground is one of her favourite place to visit!

During breakfast time, we mentioned to Ee Shuen if she wants to look for monkey. She replied, " ng " ( means wanted to go! )
She will remembered what we had told her...
So, since we had mentioned to her to take her to look for monkey, we have to do so. If not, she will keep on asking.
Here we go, to Kledang Hill...

Oh! Ee Shuen saw some monkeys in Kledang Hill! So many monkeys...

Ee Shuen feel sad when we wanted to leave...

Since today is the first day of eighth month in lunar calendar, Popo and Mummy light up some lanterns to show Ee Shuen during Merdeka night.

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