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Sunday, September 14, 2008

New house...Beach...Chilli's - what a wonderful weekend

Yesterday was an interesting day for us...

Good news #1
In the morning, after breakfast, as we pass the developer's office of our new place, we decide to drop by. To our surprise, the lady told us that we can get our new house's key already.

Good news #2
In the afternoon, ~4pm, we took Ee Shuen to sin chew office to lend our moral support, and to our surprise no one was there (later in the night, we only found out that she was already released sometime ~2pm).

Good news #3
So off we go to Batu ferringi to give ee shuen another dose of beach, without her beach accesories, due to the last minute change of plan (from sin chew's office at Macalister Rd off we go to Batu Ferringi)
To our surprise there was a snake show by the Mr. Snake Expert by the hotel's pool
Ee shuen's first encounter with the serpent

Posing by the beach

And that is how the sea water wash up the shore.......

err Ee Shuen... titanic pose is suppose to be done on a ship out in the sea, not the beach by the sea

Ee Shuen getting all excited with horses roaming around. A walk around the beach on the cost rm40, guess we will just continue look at it.

ohh there is the horses

NO MORE CHILLI's next time..... food is lousy. ee shuen fell asleep as we were arriving Gurney plaza, sleep halfway through dinner on her stroller, walking up in a jolt, not knowing where she were. Lucky mummy was right in front to comfort her.

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