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Saturday, May 2, 2009

May 7th... Are you going to be there?

At first thought we sure wanted to be there. But then again.... I am not too sure what I can achieve by being there, perhap free showers and massages from the baton of the ang tau peng? I do not think being there in numbers will mean anything.

PR have done quite a few things since the overthrown of the perak government, turn up in numbers during the swearing of zambli, whack BN in bukit gantang.... but then what does all that means??? zit... nothing.... Even if you turn up in hundreds of thousand on May 7th.... it will not mean anything.

RPK says storm the bastille... I says even if you are able to overthrow the government by going to the streets.... most probably you will be overthrown by the ppl on the street as well. Look at Thailand, first we have a coup that overthrow the government, then they have the yellow shirt that overthrown the new government, and now you have the red shirt that is trying to overthrow the new new government. Perhaps when the red shirts succeed then the yellow shirt will be back :).

What I say is all of us should just stay at home, go to work, go to school, live your life as it is.... No, I am not saying that I agree with what happen in Perak, yes I am really angry with what happen, but I am not going to do something which I think its meaningless. I am just going to wear BLACK as suggested, I am going to pass my message that I am angry in my black t-shirt on that day... and I suggest all of you that read this blog do that same..... If everyone wear black that same day... I am sure our voice will just be as loud.

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