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Thursday, May 21, 2009

Pregnant at 13 weeks & 3 days

Yesterday evening after work, as usual, vomit again in office car park. While driving back home, felt there's some movement in my tummy. Wonders if my 2 babies are hungry and giving mummy signal, haha!
This morning when working with my colleague, I had a feeling like period. I thought this is normal, because sometimes pregnant lady will have a bit a urine coming out. But when i come down from my colleague's car, again, I felt that again! I saw something like blood stain on my trousers. After double confirmed by my colleague, she quickly sent me to hospital. Daddy was waiting for mummy at the lobby when we reached.
We quickly went to see our gynae. Dr scan through with ultrasound. Both babies are moving. He gave mummy an injection & asked mummy to bedrest for 1-2 days, and rest for 1 week. Besides that, dr had prescribed duphaston for the threatening abortion.

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