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Sunday, May 3, 2009

Ipoh Railway Station

Last Friday, Xuan auntie came back from KL by train. Something new to Mummy because last trip we only take bus to KL, train will not be in the consideration at all.

Xuan auntie took the 5.50pm train and arrived Ipoh at about 8.50pm, almost about 3 hours. Quite fast, as the train also stopped by a few places eg Batu Gajah. The fare range from RM10 to RM18 depends on which class you would prefer. According to popo, a lot of people prefer to take train from Ipoh to KL and vice versa nowadays compared to last time. Time had changed ya!

Ee Shuen went to fetch Xuan auntie with us and she commented the train that Xuan aunties took was" noisy" compared to the one that she took in Singapore!

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