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Friday, May 29, 2009

Mummy was admitted to hospital

On Monday night, after finished watching TV, Mummy went to toilet. Suddenly, saw blood in the toilet bowl, just like period. This time is more serious than last Thursday morning. I'm 14 weeks plus pregnant now.
Without hesitate, Mummy asked Daddy to send her to hospital. Ee Shuen was so worried, she is walking up and down following Mummy. She knows Mummy is bleeding.
Called hospital while Daddy is driving. I told them my situation and request if they can call my gynae. The nurse in-charge told me to go emergency department to be examined by medical officer before they do so.
When I reached the emergency department at about 9.35pm, they measured my blood pressure & heart rate. The medical in charge asked me a couple of questions then he said have to call the gynae. I was put on drip also.
At about 10pm, they pushed me to the surgical ward. What are they going to do to us in the surgical ward? Are the babies alright? looks a bit worrying. But i didn't want to think much. Just pray for the best.
My gynae arrived at about 10.10pm. He checked my abdomen, seems to be alright. But because I am still having bleeding, he asked me to bedrest and cannot get down from the bed till tomorrow. Dr gave an injection and prescribed me one tablet of sleeping pill so that i can have a good rest. Dr suggested to do an ultrasound the next morning, when less/ stop bleeding.
Even with the sleeping pill, i slept till 3.30am then woke up. Tried to get back to sleep but cannot. So, I just closed up my eyes and try to rest on bed.
Tuesday morning was a rainy day. Gynae only came at about 10am. He asked if there is still bleeding. Very minimal now. Will do ultrasound after few hours. At about 12pm, I was pushed to the gynae's clinic. Did ultrasound. Babies are actively moving. Heart beat are alright. Saw the detachment of placenta was more than last Thursday. Dr advised to stay another day & continue with Duphaston. Thanks God everything is still alright!
On Wednesday morning, dr did a quick check using ultrasound, just to confirm everthing is alright before I discharge. Medical leave was extended till the weekend and to be reviewed on Saturday again.

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