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Thursday, June 24, 2010

MS & LS at 8 months

(1) MS can crawl faster than LS when we back from our China trip. She can crawl from living room to kitchen, from kitchen to the back room... Wheareas LS will be remaining at one place and look at her.
However, LS able to crawl further, and exploring the whole house now, just like MS

(2) Both of them are taking 6 1/2 oz milk now

(3) They usually sleeps at 8pm and wake up at 6-7 am.

(4) They started to take porridge after 6 months, and now almost taking 3/4 bowl of porridge ( with vegetables eg. pumpkin, carrot, meat )

(5) They enjoy taking bath, and they like kicking in the bath tub. Especially MS, she will use her palm and hit on the water, till the water dropped on her face...

(6) MS bite LS when she go near her on 16 June!!! SO fierce

(7) They both start to fight for toys now

(8) When Mummy back from work, they will come to mummy when they hear their name being called.

(9) They usually pass motion after feeding. They used potty now. Last few days, when MS wanted to pass motion, Ah ma was busy with LS and asked her to wait awhile. MS really waited ah ma and passed motion into her potty.

(10) They will kick their legs when we go out.

(11) MS does not like to take nap in the afternoon, even throw her pillow out from the baby cod

(12) They likes to see ES dancing... and they will laugh until " kekekeke..."

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