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Sunday, May 29, 2011

Handle the children during long flight

When we are preparing for our journey to Portland, one of the worried is to travel long distance flight with the 4 years old daughter and 18 months old twins.

I had searched online how to handle babies and toddlers during long distance flight. I had also bought a princiess snap card and barney sticker workboook for ES so that her time will be occupied when she is awake. For the twins, we had made sufficient buns ( raisin buns and chocolate buns ) for thek in case they are hungry and noisy. after adviced by our family doctor, we decided to give them a low dose of promethazine, which cause drownzy.

Daddy also thought of where to transit and how many hours of waiting time in between transit will be better for our trip.

The day had come!

Guess what, I find that this trip is more relax when we trave ltogether with our kids, rather than traveling alone. But, daddy didn't agreed as he didn't really sleep well during the flight.

We took the morning flight, 7:45 pm flight from penang to Hong Kong, LS was sleeping whereas MS just take a short nap. ES was enjoying her meals and the 3 hours plus journey was alright.

We stopped by Hong Kong for about 3 hours. Our intention is let the kids play around and get themselves tired. ESMSLS were havin their
porridge in one of the play area. We took the 2:45pm flight from hong kong to San Francisco, it took about 13 hours. Immediately after boarding, they took promethazine, which will last for 6 to 8 hours according to the PI.

ES was too tired as we woke up at 4am and she did not sleep after that. She knocked off after the plane taking off. MS and LS were crying at the beginning. I took MS for a short walk in the flight, showing her that everybody is sleeping, and after 3 hours of eating and playing, she fall asleep. I was carrying MS sleeping for half of the journey, from 6 pm to 1am Malaysia time. She does not want to sleep on the seat. I was carrying her during her sleep time. I feel it is alright as long as they do not cry.

Daddy was taking care of LS and ES was sitting with ah ma. ES played with the toys given by the air stewardess. After awhile, she feel bored. And I started to take put the things that I prepared - I gave her the Barney sticker and workbook. Just a simple ABC writing books with some vocabulary. I was amazed by her concentration in writing the alphabets and it lasts for hours, to keep her occupied.

After that, she started to get bored. And here comes the princess snap card. She loves princess character, therefore I decided to buy her the card with princess when I accidentally saw it in Giant

We had about 4 hours waiting time in San Francisco, heading towards Portland. The kids were busy eating our homemade buns. We finished up all the buns that we prepared earlier. They had their raisin buns, chocolate raisin buns, kaya buns ( kaya prepared by popo), and banana cheese buns.

We are wondering how to carry our 11 pieces of check in luggage and 3 hand carry bags when we reached San Francisco, as we need to recheck in our luggage after reaching US. As in Penang, we had ah gong and Joy to help in. As Penang airport is under construction, he have to push our luggage withntrolley from ground floor oto 1st floor, the departure hall.

Things were too simple as what we thought it will be quite challenging for us when we reach US. When we picked up our luggage, we saw a big trolley and daddy was wondering can we used that we carry our 11 pieces of luggage. The airport workers mentioned only they can used that, if we need their assistance, we will need to pay them, just by tips. We are so glad when we hear that, and the Chinese man helped to carry all our luggage to the united airline check in counter. And we are glad also that the United airline's counter is just about 100 meters away from the pick up, that we thought it will be very far.

We took the 3pm flight fromSan Francisco to Portland and we reached Portland at 4:47pm. Daddy's colleague had came over to airport to help us to carry our luggage to our new house. As we had estimated even with a 7 seaters car, we will not be able to take all our luggage in. Thanks to weng hoong!

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Bart said...

Enjoy your stay in Portland. Take care.