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Monday, May 16, 2011

Homemade dinner & lunch at Mansion Thirty Two

Popo, gong gong, auntie Su Wei and auntie Su Xuan came to visit us last Sunday. As usual, MSLS cried and asked for mummy to carry them when they first saw them.

On Sunday night, as usual, we had prepared our usual menu for family gathering - tuna pizza, prawn pizza, seafood spaghetti, red bean soup and roasted chicken. All of them like it very much...

We went to mansion 32 restaurant located at Jalan Sultan Ahmad Shah, Penang on Monday afternoon for lunch. I used to organise talk here and once awhile having lunch with my team members after achieving team target.The restaurant is along the north beach and it prides itself on offering a wide variety of cuisines that are unique and interesting. The perfect setting for a meeting or lounge, and it has a great view of the beach. This restaurant offers Western favorites, and with a reasonable price for set lunch, range from RM28++ to RM50++.

There are a few different setting in the restaurant itself. At the entrance of the restaurant, there is a lounge.

After the entrance, on the left...a nice place for couple and family....

There are choices for asparagus soup and salad for the start...
Piquant salad with spicy lemongrass vinaigrette. The

We had ordered some garlic breads to go with the soup...

Chicken Mushroom Pie... The pie was so crispy as all of us rate it as one of the delicious main dishes that we had ordered...

Charbroiled lamb rack... worth to try....

Lasagne... It was cheesy and the taste was just right..

Grilled cod fish.

Finally, we were served with dessert of the day, including vanilla ice cream which is ES's favourite ( she always mentioned about this word recently ).

We enjoyed the food and ambience there. Both MSLS were very corporative. They were on their high chair till we finished our meal.

After our lunch, we walked to the side of the restaurant, there is a great view of beach there....Thanks for all your precious time and we really enjoy the lunch together

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