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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

MS had seizure!

We went to search for sofa set at lazy boy after attending Sunday mass. During mass, MS asked ah ma to carry her for "oh oh" ( sleep). We thought it might be due to yesterday night she did not have a good sleep.

After coming out from the furniture shop, it is about 12 noon, and it is time for her milk. I made her a bottle of milk and she drink in the car while daddy is driving. Half way during she is drinking milk, I noticed she dropped her milk bottle. And I was wondering how come she will give me the bottle without finishing, this is not the usual MS that we know. She will finished all her food and milk most of the time. So, I tried to feed her. To my surprise, she did not suck the milk. And she seems to be no response, but just sitting there without any reaction when I called her. And I tried to touch her hand, no response from her. I brought the thermometer with us everywhere we go now. It is 38.4c. I told daddy this is something not right. We need to bring her to see doctor.

We drove to the nearby emergency centre. The doctor came out and confirmed she is having seizure and he told us the rescue team will be coming soon. After the rescue team reached, the ambulance reached within a minute. She was brought to Providence St Vincent medical centre. The nurse measured her temperature and she cried when she sees so many strangers around her, and some more in a place where she is not familiar with. I tried to calm her down by singing her bedtime song. She was given tyenanol. One of the MD, Dr Moreno came in and check her after awhile. He checked her and said she had ear infection on her left ear. Blood test done and shown no infection.

As only her left hand is moving during the seizure ( as inmost of the cases for fibroid seizure, patient will have disorder on their whole body, hands and legs will move but uncontrol ). Dr advised to go for CT scan, just to make sure no block in her brain. Daddy disagreed as CT scan will have radiation and increase risk of cancer. With some discussion, dr suggested MRI the next day or later. But the conds of MRI is need to use anaethesia drugs as the patient need to be in the MRI machine for Almost 25 minutes. We proposed to monitor her throughout the night and see how. A peds also came in and examined her again. this time, he confirmed there is no ear infection.

She become more calm at after few hours. dr decided to let her stay one night in the hospital as it will give ambetter monitoring. She was given ibuprofen at 9pm and her body temperature was normal till the next day. Another dose of ibuprofen at 3 am, after six hours of the first dose. She slept from 12am till 8am.

Dr Ian came to examined her at about 9:30am and decided to discharged her as she did not have fever anymore. She was prescribed with EEG and MRI, just to confirmed everything is alright. We are quite happy with the medical service and standard provided here - their patience, clear communication with what will be the action taken and next step.

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