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Sunday, April 22, 2012

First time going to cinema with the three girls

We went to cinema with the THREE GIRLS yesterday. Daddy was so lucky to get 5 free tickets from his company. The girls were so excited when they were told that we will be going to the cinema on Saturday morning.
On Friday evening, we told the girls that we will be going to a cinema ( with a TV which is bigger than the TV at home, and it is slightly dark inside ). We did this as we need to mentally prepared them, so that they are not afraid, as what we had experienced with ES before ( she does not like it as it is very loud and dark inside ).
Everybody was provided with a complimentary drink and popcorn. Getting ready to their first movie in cinema!
We thought we will be coming out from the cinema within 20 minutes. To our surprise, we almost finished the whole movie. We came out from the cinema before the ending, after almost 1 hour plus. MSLS were enjoying the movie as we can hear laughters and talking during the show. While ES who was sitting between Daddy and I, commented to us ," the movie was scary." Think this is because she still cannot get use to the big screen and sound system in  cinema.

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