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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Happy Birthday, Packy!

It was a beautiful Saturday. Full of sunshine, we love it! These are some of the flowers in our neighbourhood. Spring - more colours, more sunshine!

It is tulips season

After our lunch, we went to the zoo. The parking lot was full, as it is one of those sunny days in spring, especially during weekends. Everybody seems like going outdoor, and zoo is one of the favourite places for family outing. A lot of walking, and the girls enjoyed seeing different types of animals.
Coincidently, It was Packy, the elephant's birthday. There was a celebration for him. Packy the elephant celebrated his 50th birthday today by becoming the first animal knighted by the Royal Rosarians, listening to thousands of fans sing him Happy Birthday and swallowing a 40-pound cake in nine minutes and 57 seconds. Packy was knighted as an honorary Royal Rosarian, joining Mickey Mouse and the Oregon Duck among Portland's ambassadors of good will. Rose Festival officials announced he will serve as grand marshal of this year's Grand Floral Parade (though he won't be there in person).

The 12,600-pound pachyderm and face of the Oregon Zoo debuted on April 14, 1962, the first elephant born in North America in 44 years.
ES was trying to touch the elephant's teeth.

Happy Birthay Packy
ES with her "elephant's ears ".

It's time to go home... LS walking back to our car with a big smile. She was happy with today's outing!

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