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Friday, April 20, 2012

Going to pre-K

They just started to attend pre-kindergarten on the 28th March. They were given a trial day, to see if they can adapt to it. As expected, they almost cried for the whole day. Think it is because of the separation anxiety, as they always with me since I quit my job.

They reluctant to go into the restroom ( It is in  their classroom ). And they pee in the class. We had to bring more pants, socks and shows for them to change. Something that we can't understand, even though we showed them where the restroom is, they still reluctant to go in even we accompany them ( when we reach their school every morning ). These continued for four days.

After the first week in school, we brought them to a shopping mall. And we went into a family restroom, with  adult and children toilet bowls. tried to explain to them that the one that they are using ( children toilet bowl ) is the same as what they have in school.

On Monday the following week, we tried to remind them that they went to a smaller potty before ( in the shopping mall ) and pointed to the one in their classroom.

On that day itself, they are willing to use the restroom in school. Thanks for the teacher for their persistency and did agreed that they should not be put on diapers again since they are already diaperless at home.

How about the crying part?
Daddy and I had agreed before that no matter how they are, we need to just send them in the class, and come out after explain to them that we need to go to work. Just like what we did to ES. It worked well. Do not be soft-hearted and stay in the classroom to accompany them, it will make them more rely on us and wanted our presence there.
Day1: Crying almost for 2 hours. Teacher tried to bring them to a friend's party ( from another class ), cried again.

Day2 : Cried for awhile. Stopped. Cried when they saw us ( when we pick up them )

After that, once awhile they will cry and teacher will ask if they wanted to have their breakfast, or play with baby dolls, read books. Overall, they stopped crying when they see us after school.

Everyday, we will be given a report regarding what they have eaten, if they had finished everything, potty time,  what they learned on that day and how they behave.

LS was reading her own report. They like to take their own papers after school everyday, as there is a sticker on it. They always take out the sticker. Think that it is a fun thing to do...

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