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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Cherry blossoms

We went to Governor Tom McCall Waterfront Park at Southwest Portland last Saturday. We are lucky to see the cherry blossoms on a sunny afternoon. As  stated in weather forecast, it will be sunny from 12 noon to 3pm.


MS was busy looking at the ship.
The three girls having fun with their friends, YJ & YY.

Mum, can we pick up the flowers?
We are tired running around, chasing each others. Taking a rest under the sakura tree.
Walking along the river.
After viewing the beatiful scenary, we wanted to look for oodoo donuts, that we saw in food network last few weeks. Passed by the morning market.
Wow, It was a loooong queue. It will be about 45 minutes waiting. We decided not to try this time as the girls were quite tired after spending a few hours in the park. Next time!

Yesterday morning, while we are preparing for breakfast, ES took out her April homework. One of the activities is she has to draw her favourite animals and write a story about it. She drew an orca. But she did not write any story about it. Infact, she wrote a story about her Sakura trip!

This is what ES wrote:
Yesterday I visit the sakura trees. It was fun. My friend was there. We played near the trees. We sit on the rock. We took pictures. I pick three flowers. I gave it to my friend, she gave me a smile. I eat a donut.

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