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Friday, April 20, 2012

MSLS at 29 months

  • MS is 14.0kg, while LS is 13.5kg.
  • LS is diaperless now. Wheareas MS just wear it during night time. During daytime, they will pee or poo in their potty o toilet without askingfor  our assistance. Quite independent on this. They will say " shh shh..." or "xiao bian " for pee, and "da bian" or " chou chou" for poo.                                                                              
  • Have their milk 4 -5 times per day ( after afternoon nap, before sleep, during midnight, early in the morning, after back from school ).

  • Daily diet consists of bread/ oat with sliced bananas or raisin, sweet potatoes, fruit & vege juice for breakfast, porridge or rice before after back school, fruits/ yogurt/ beans during tea time, and rice or noodles for dinner. LS tends to be a slow eater.
  • They do not want our help in wearing their shoes, pants, learning how to wear their shirts, and still learning how to put on the buttons.
  • Start talking in sentence now, mixture of english and mandarin. Start using " What", "Why", "Where".... Like to ask Where are we going ? ( when they are asked to take a bath, change clothes ).
  • Like to draw on blank paper, with circle or straight line. When I asked them what are they drawing, they will reply back " snake... big house... ship...etc"
  • Like to play " masak masak", pretend to be a doctor, fireman and start enjoy playing lego.

 the other usage of my cookie cutter

  • Still learning how to sort out different colours.
  • They will address each other as " Abbe".
  • Sometimes, they will both discuss on something and ask each other if it is ok.
  • Started to attend pre-K.
  • Like to learn gymnastics from their eldest sister.

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