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Monday, November 12, 2012

Fun day at the beach

Last two weeks, Daddy was not working on Friday. We decided to bring the girls to the beach on that morning. The girls were so excited as it had been a long time they haven't been to the beach. 
Bringing their plasctic cups along, to make their sandcastle.


Daddy was busy putting up a "big umbrella" for the girls.  

LS was having fun waiting for the waves to come...

 ES drew a heart shape for her sisters.

ES & LS enjoyed playing with the sea water.

Whereas MS prefer to build her sandcastle. The girls picked some sea shells and put it on the sandcastle.

Ooppsss... mum, I saw a prawn. LS wanted to rescue the prawn by putting it back to the sea.  

After a fun morning, we brought the girls to a nearby restaurant for lunch.

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