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Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Super delicious food by popo

Popo came to stay with us for about a month when we were in the US. We were glad that we can taste all the super delicious food prepared by popo again everyday.

sweet potatoes and yellow lentils dessert

 Saw some vietnamese rice roll from Uwajimaya. The girls and I eaten a few rolls in one short.
Ingredients for making vietnamese rice roll

Kaya in process....

Our all time favourite kaya

yong liu

morning breakfast

Popo was making curry and kaya puff. MSLS trying to " help up".

Curry puff before baking...

Curry puff
Kaya puff. ( popo's father used to make kaya puff in this shape ).

Steamed yam with pork ( wu tau kau yuk ).

tong sui ( with white fungus, red dates, longan... )

steamed char siu pau.

One of our favourite dishes, pine nuts with sweet pea, carrot, corn, celery.

steamed yam cake
While popo busy cooking, gong gong will be always busy reading news, books.... He is very knowledgeble as he can answer most of the questions that we asked him.

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