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Thursday, November 15, 2012

DIfferent experience during Deepavali & Awal Muharrham

During Deepavali & Awal Muharrham holiday, we went back to gong gong and popo's house. The girls were excited about it as it had been a long time ( almost one and a half years ) they have not been to my hometown .
What was more exciting when they were in their grandparents' house was they can sing with a " real " mic, haha! ( as they have a mic, but a toy at home ).
Popo still keeping one of the toys that we played last time - Lasy. The girls enjoyed playing with it!

Another activity that they like most during their stay was playing at the playground. There is a playground just in front of popo and gong gong's house.
We brought the girls for monkeys watching at Kledang Hill too, a precious experience for the girls - to get a closer look to the nature and how the monkeys moving around in their habitat, playing around, and they realte back to the movie that they had seen before  ( Chimpanzee ).
The most important thing was they were having fun playing with wei auntie & xuan auntie too during their stay!


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