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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Our cycling adventure continues in Penang...

We received our shipment end of last month. In the shipment items, it included our bikes that we used to cycle around in OR. Our cycling adventure continue in Penang again, yippy! We had been cycling around BP town, went through the orchard, cycle along the stream and river during last few weeks. Last Sunday, daddy discovered a bicycle trail at Kampung Sungai Burung when he was trying to get some fresh prawns from there. However, the trail was not as good as wha wet thought ( the initial part is tar road, then it is a bit bumpy later on  ). After that, we decided to cycle to the seaside. A lot of people were taking the photo of sunset by the beach.
Photo of sunset at Kg Sg Burung, a small Malay village in BP.

Enjoying the scenary while a gentleman was trying to take a nice photo of sunset.


We were amazed by the beautiful scenary while the girls were happily playing there. 

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