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Friday, December 30, 2011

Christmas 2011

Christmas is a time for sharing good feelings.

During Christmas eve, we celebrate the birth of Jesus by attended Children's evening mass at St Matthew Catholic Church. The children put on a play but we did not managed to capture any photos.

This year, we bought a real Christmas tree - Noble fir to put in our living room. According to Daddy, it is rated #1 most realistic tree. Noble Fir is considered an excellent Christmas tree because of its beauty, stiff branches and long keepability. We did not put much ornaments as the two little girls keep on taking down all the ornaments to play.

We string colorful lights on the tree. The glow reflects the cheerful brightness of Christmas. And we also put on the crowning touch - put on the star!

ES presented us her hand made present - a Christmas card and a booklet with her drawings. We are so touched and love it very much.

We also bought a christmas wreath, sold by the comittee of the church and put it on our front door. We decorated it with pine cones, bells and ribbons. ES posing in front of our house with the crown that she made. She made all of us one each, and ask us to pretend to be the king and queen, haha!

The night before Christmas, we wrapped up all the gifts and put it under the christmas tree. ES's gift is too big, we have to cover it with a piece of cloth. Her gift, a doll house is even taller than her!
Early in the morning, She opened her present and she told me, " I can't believe it! ". She can't believed it that she will received a doll house as what she wish to during Christmas.

Preparing for Christmas party in the evening...We are so far from our family members this year. We have Christmas potluck with some friends.

Roasted turkey with stuffing by us, again...

Suan's mum made some cupcakes.

This is a fruit basket by Suan's mum. Nice carving...

ES requested for a gingerbread house for Chirstmas. Did not have time to bake a gingerbread house by myself, or even buy one from the store. Thought of using our homemade bread to make a ginerbread house and the base of a snowman. Just a simple decoration as need to juggle with the three kids.
More food by YJ's mum but did not able to capture...

MSLS were having their dinner on thier high chair. They always behaved well when there are guests at home.

The kids enjoyed the gathering as they have "gift exchanged session".

Wow, what is that?

Happy Birthday song for Jesus...

The kids can't wait to eat the cake.

ES received a drawing penguin during gift exchanged session. The penguin can move around and draw out different patterns. It catched everybody's attention.

Overall, the girls enjoyed it very much as they were having great fun with their friends. More gatherings, they requested....

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