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Sunday, August 14, 2011

Encouragement -> Confidence ( 鼓励 -> 信心 )

The girls went to the playground during this morning. As usual, ES and LS enjoyed playing the slide. While MS hesitate to slide down when she is on top of the slide. She always afraid to slide down, and will walked back using the staircase.

I led her to the slide for younger age children today. When she reached the top of the slide, she did the same thing again. I told her, " MS, why not mummy hold your hand?"

She is so happy when she heard that. And she slide down, while holding my hand. After 2 rounds, I just let her holding my finger. Actually, it does not give any strength, but this had give her more confident. She was happily climbing up the staircase and after few rounds, I asked her to slide down by her own. She was hesitated and after trying once, she knew that she can do it. And she was happily sliding down by herself.

She did rock climbing to reach the slide. Initially, I suppport her and hold her body. After few rounds, she knew that besides stepping on the rock, she needs strength from both hands to climb up by herself. And she did it! Think she climbed up for almost 20 times.... Good exercise.

Children always need our encouragement, to build up their confident level. We need to let them know that they can do it and encourage them by positive sentences. This do help and be patience, that is also very important.

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