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Thursday, August 4, 2011

Learning our mother tougue

Before we came here, I went to Popular Book Store and bought this book , " Hanyu Pingyin " . It might not be the best choice, but this book do catch the attention and interest of the three girls.

Had a discussion with gong gong earlier, who is a retired teacher and had been teaching Mandarin for a few decades, and after retired he taught some extra lessons in primary school, private hospital and even to the ex Menteri Besar. He advised me to start teaching ES Mandarin by phonetics.

Sometimes, I used to go through this book with ES during night time and she likes it.

I did not explore this book to MSLS before that. We just bought a DVD player yesterday and I played the CD which attached to this book to MSLS today. They loves to listen to the CD so much. In this CD, they taught the " hanyu pingyin" by songs and also read the wording out.

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