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Monday, August 29, 2011

Bella Organic Farm & The Pumpkin Patch in Sauvie Island

After watching the hot-air balloon, we drove to Sauvie Island. Sauvie Island lies approximately ten miles northwest of Portland downtown, and is accessed by a sole bridge. The island is situated between Columbia River, Multnomah CHannel and Williamette River. The island is so large as it has its own rivers, lakes, islands and sloughs.

Sauvie Island is unique for its agricultural community, wildlife area, and recreation destination. People went there for the fresh vegetables, flowers, pumpkins and fruits for U-pick .

The first stop that we went is Bella Organic Farm. There are varieties of fruits and vegetables selling here. We bought some organic tomatoes and cucumbers.

After that, we stopped by at Pumpkin Patch and we bought some vegetables and apples.

We saw varieties of pumpkins here. This is Amber Cup.


Golden Danish


Blue Kuri

Carnival Squash

Sweet Dumpling

We also saw some lavender, selling at $5.

ES is busy helping us to take the vegetables that we wanted to purchase.

After that, we went to the animal barn at The Pumpkin Patch. There are chicken, lhama, duck and other animals in the barn.

Poor little rabbit...



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